Overnight WHAT???

Overnight WHAT???

Overnight Oats (breakfast in a jar)

What the fuck are overnight oats and why the hell should I make them?

So one of the most asked questions… Overnight oats means you’re making your breakfast the night before. Ideal for people who use the lame excuse ‘I havn’t got time to eat breakfast’. Now you don’t have to worry about that mothafuckaaaas!

You’ve got a few options… Do you like granola or oatmeal? Do you like yoghurt or milk more? In my opinion either oatmeal-milk or granola-yoghurt are the better combos. If you use yoghurt, the granola stays crunchy and if you use the milk with oatmeal, it’s more pastry-like.

Next thing, what are the best tastes? Thaaaat’s completely up to you, so nice to try things out. I’ve got a few favorites which I’ll post about. I always layer yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit-yoghurt-granola-seeds/nuts-fruit eeeeendlessly!

If you love eating peanut butter for example, you can use the (almost) empty jar and use it as an ideal overnight oats jar. Soooooo that’s a win win. Easy to make and easy to bring along wherever you go.

So no excuses anymore madafakas! Eat breakfast and be creative!

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