The struggle as a vegan?

14 mei 2017

The struggle as a vegan?

Struggles and concerns living a vegan lifestyle

Before deciding to live my life this way, my biggest concern was how to make ‘easy meals’. I was really used to making easy meals because I always work late. My breakfast was aaaaalways cornflakes with milk (oh god), for lunch I ate bread with either spreads, meat or cheese and for dinner I made the classic meat, potatooooos and veggies. Day in, day out, week in, week out, year in year out, more or less.

After more then a month now I can clearly say my concerns couldn’t be more wrong. I enjoy cooking so much and really… I still make ‘easy meals’ really as easy a before and even healthier and better now! My go to breakfast is the overnight oats concept soooo good and soooo easy! The idea is to make breakfast in a jar, a jar you make the evening before. You can be really creative and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare. For lunch I either eat some sort of salad or bread with vegan spreads (can be all sort of stuff), peanut butteeeeer, avocado, … I try to be a real princes in the kitchen once a week with my awesome sister. We prepare a really big amount of food so I can put, what we don’t eat, in the freezer and by now I’ve got three different meals in my freezer!

My second concern was, will I be able to keep practicing my sports at the same level when eating differently. I’m feeling better then ever, just by thinking and learning more about food and nutrition. As my main rule I make sure my meals are complete, they all contain healthy fats, carbs, fruit and or veggies and proteins.

At this moment the things I need to think about the most are the moments where I go out for dinner or eat at someones place. Most people don’t really mind cooking different and if they do, I sometimes bring my own food. At my grandma’s for example, that’s a bit different. I tried to explain why I stopped eating some things, but she couldn’t really get it. She said she baked the meat with alpo butter so that’s ok then? Weeeeeel no, sorry grandma… But I do like your beard she said (scooooore!).

So those are my biggest concerns at the moment aaaand I’m really handling my shit. Enjoying cooking, feeling good and enjoying my life!

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