7 mei 2017


Changing my eating pattern… From mEAting myself to mEEting my new eating pattern.

Let’s start at the start. I’m someone with a ‘quick metabolism’ wich means I can eat a lot even a lot of bad stuff without packing on fat. This seems like an absolute blessing to a lot of people, but nooooot if you’re into packing some muscle mass and trying to get ‘bigger’…

So I never had to pay a lot of attention to my food, buuuut then again I really had to if I wanted to meet my training and physical goals. So my food journey started with eating a lot and especially a lot of chicken breasts and eggs, because well, little did I know about proteins and eating right.

Since I was living at home and I’m blessed with a mother and father with gooood cooking skills, the only thing I had to do was eating extra chicken during the day. If I could, I would always try to eat a hot dish twice a day even if my mother was not at all pleased with that, haha! There were even times where I would eat a complete pack of chicken slices before and after my training, even though I almost had to puke at the end of the pack… I literally was eating pure chicken slices on my bike riding to the gym and back.

Two main things I’ll never forget from my past eating pattern are: the endless tries to eat as much chicken as possible aaaaand really being against supplements for myself. Being against supplements was mostly because what I saw as supplements was really only the crap and I wanted to prove you could look good and improve performance without taking this crap.

So that’s about it for the past 5-6 years, soooo weird looking back at this… I knew (and actually know) soooo little back then.

So at 24 years old I decided to switch things up… why the hell would I do that?

These days I get this question a LOT, so a little explanation is appropriate I guess… I also notice that I’m having more and more fun answering this question, cool to keep thinking about it I guess. A few months ago I started with learning so much (mainly through reading, listening en watching). From E-reading to headphone listening podcasts, to watching documentary’s and much more. I try to devote as much time off to learning as possible.

At a certain point I was listening to Sam Harrys’ podcast ‘Waking up with Sam’ when he was talking about eating meat and killing animals. After listening to it, I started thinking a little… Could I ever kill a cow, a pig, a chicken, … The answer was clear to me… maybe in the ultimate urge to survive, but at this moment ‘NO’. Even though it’s not completely the same I was killing animals when buying my meat in the supermarket. So this was me starting to think eating vegetarian would be something to try out.

Apart from thinking about the lovely animals, I wanted to make things stronger by checking the environmental aspect as well… Soooo I decided to watch the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’. Seeing this, immediately convinced me when looking at the environmental impact of the meat industry. Cowspiracy also shows there's still a big difference between vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Add to that the part where I was getting really interested in nutrition and food… learning about plant based eating and why dairy products absolutely SUCK for us as humans and you’ve got a strong foundation for living a vegan lifestyle!

So to summarise this, there are three aspects for me. The animaaaals, the environment and me myself and I, ooor my health at least! If any of these aspects seem a little weak, I’ve still got two other strong ones to rely on.

I won’t try to convince people to live the same lifestyle, because I think this should be a decision you make for yourself. If you’re willing to try it, make it strong for yourself and think about the things that care for you. What I can say for myself is that I feel really good, both mentally and physically! My blood numbers are really good (checked these with my doctor) aaand I’m not spending more money on food but do eat better and healthier!


-Sam Harris’ Podcast: ‘Waking up with Sam’


-Documentary: ‘Cowspiracy’

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